Life – Always Stand Back Up

06 Nov


Curveballs. Right Hooks. Upper Cuts. Blindsides. Roadbumps.

Whatever you want to call it, life will throw it at you. It will happen at the most inconvenient times, and will more than likely have some sort of effect on you.

Some can be superficial. Brush yourself off, straighten yourself up, chuckle, and proceed to what you were doing beforehand.

Others, though, other life events can kick you in the knees, knock the wind out of you, and stomp you while you’re down.

Now you’re faced with two options: cry about what happened and wait for people to feel bad for you, OR catch your breath, pick yourself up, Square up and Keep Moving Forward.


The fact of the matter is, EVERYONE will experience hardships. There are no boundaries. Waiting around, telling a sob story, and dwelling on it will get you absolutely no where.

Instead of dwelling on something that can’t be taken back, accept what happened, and move on. Consider it a lesson, and in many cases a blessing.


Be your own hero, and learn to rely on YOURSELF when these situation arise. In the end, it all boils down to YOU and how YOU overcome problems.

Build yourself up, and never lose the sense of pride you achieve.

Always Stand Back Up

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