2015 RPS Christmas Carnage

12 Dec


RPS organized an intense event that drew lifters from all across the state of Pennsylvania as well as several bordering states. Originally set to be a one day event, the vast surplus of lifters entering turned the meet into a weekend-long event. While is was lengthy, it was well worth it.

The ride to Allentown was a nice way for me to think everything over. I ran the lifts over and over in my head while the heat in my car helped me squeeze out the last bit of water needed to make weight. Fortunately, I made weight with a few pounds to spare.


This was my biggest meet to date. Previously competing in Push/Pull events, Full Power was uncharted territory. Training didn’t change much. Although I did was emphasize form changes for squats. I also opted for an elevated heel shoe rather than a flat soled shoe like my Chucks. 

The atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve witnessed before. A crowd of people either meditating, warming up, helping people load / strip bars, and even tossing a snack or two around to keep energy levels up. Keep in mind, some of these people never met until that very day. As crazy as some people might think, it was the most welcoming place to be in.

Eyebrow Raisers

On top of adding squats to the meet, they were done on a monolift rack with a 55 pound thick squat bar. I’ve never used either, in training or previous competitions. Fortunately I was able to get accustomed to them during warm ups. Much to my surprise, I liked them better than the Olympic bars and squat racks I’ve trained with at my local gym.

Tag Alongs

I was accompanied by my good friends Adam (aka Harsh) and Luke. Only Harsh lifted, while Luke was the strong, silent supporter who frequently updated us on the several NFL games played that day.

Harsh entered training a little banged up, and entered the meet much better. Although the odds weren’t in his favor, he still pushed through any pain and was able to pull off a nice total for Ironman. He experienced a few hiccups along the way, but he humbly accepted his good lifts and learned from the bad ones.

End Results

1085 total with a 8/9 success rate. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

Squat – 315 / 350 (Life PR) / 380 (miss)

Bench – 255 / 275 (Meet PR) / 285 (Life PR)

Dead – 405 / 425 (Meet PR) / 450 (Life PR)

I’ll take it

*While the overall total is what people look at in order to qualify for future competitions, I’m more happy about the amount of new numbers I was able to mark onto my belt. That’s the one thing that no one can take away from you.



I wanted to express my thanks to everyone who supported me throughout the past few weeks. This was new to me, but I’m damn glad I took this opportunity and ran with it. I can’t wait to step onto the platform again.

Walked home with this little gem


While Harsh zones in, Luke plays with Rudolph


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